The following outlines the key steps in our search process. In every search, we customize our process to address the needs and wants of our client.

Learn about the Position and Organization.

We start every search by meeting in person with the client to get a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its structure, strategic priorities, strengths and weaknesses, recent staff changes, etc. and how this hire will fit within the organizational landscape. We work with the search committee, human resources and/or hiring manager to determine what the interviewing process should be, who should be involved, and what the time frame will be. We agree on what the client is looking for in a candidate and finalize the job description. We clarify the compensation (and relocation, as appropriate) package.

Develop Initial Slate and Discuss Potential Candidates.

In most of our searches we quickly develop a slate of candidates from our networks and database of candidates. We present the client with an initial group of resumes of highly qualified candidates and then meet (by phone or in person) to go through the resumes and get feedback from the client. It is sometimes the case that the ultimate finalist will come out of the first exercise of resume and candidate review.

Launch the Search.

We start every search by reaching out to our cultivated list of professional contacts. These are sources and/or candidates from prior searches in philanthropy, community affairs or related fields that we track in our executive search database. We also post the job description on our website as well as on other highly targeted, agreed-upon relevant job posting services.

Targeted Outreach.

We also invest significant time in personally reaching out out to our network. It is not uncommon for us to make 100 or more phone calls to sources and contacts that we know well in the field.

Screen and Evaluate Potential Candidates.

As potential candidates emerge, we review resumes and conduct initial screening interviews by phone. For those who are most on target, we conduct more in-depth interviews by phone and in person.

Present the Slate of Candidates.

Once we have identified an initial slate of candidates, we prepare detailed summary information and thought pieces about each candidate and provide documents that compare and contrast each candidate. These documents include our evaluation of each candidates:

a) core qualifications for the position, e.g., number of years experience, track record of success and impact, leadership skills and ability;

b) personal qualifications as articulated in the job description and from the client about which qualities that are most important for this person to possess;

c) criteria for being a good culture fit within the organization; and

d) any additional priorities for the positions, e.g., program expertise,
public profile.

We also share information that we have gathered up front regarding the candidate's desired salary and any issues with regard to relocation or timing.

Facilitate Client Interviews.

Once an initial cluster of candidates has been chosen, we review each candidate profile with our client, highlighting strengths and any weaknesses through detailed evaluations. We then work with the client to select a candidate pool for them to interview. We facilitate the interview schedule, and travel arrangements as desired by our clients, and prepare each candidate so that they are focused on the issues that are most important.

Reference Checking.

Once a finalist is chosen, we conduct in-depth reference checks, exploring particular areas of interest to the client, and deliver detailed references with quotes and examples.

Final Offer and Negotiation with Candidate.

We are often involved in the final offer and negotiation phase depending on what the client prefers.

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